Olivafix Denture Adhesive


A denture fixative cream like no other, what is so special about this product? It’s the first denture fixative cream on the market that contains No Zinc & No Petrolatum (more commonly referred to as “Vaseline”). The zinc and petrolatum have been replaced with 35% olive oil. Combining this with a strong, long lasting hold for up to 24 hours and the fact that Olivafix contains no added preservative, proves that Olivafix is the name for the future for denture fixative creams.
Olivafix is hypoallergenic and leaves a silky feeling in the mouth. It has been clinically tested by consumers with 100% satisfaction and is compatible with all types of dentures. Olive oil is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-candida properties, making it the ideal choice.

OlivaFix Denture Adhesive

  • First 24 hour "Day & Night" Denture adhesive cream 40g
  • Super strong hold - Up to and over 24 hours for full upper dentures and strong hold for lower dentures
  • 0% Petrochemicals (Vaseline, Mineral Oils), 0% Zinc and 0%Parabens
  • Neutral taste, silky smooth hold and no pasty feeling
  • Healthier alternative - formulated with up to 35% Olive oil
  • Hypoallergenic